Why Join an Agency

Family Home Day Cares benefit families and child care providers.

Benefits for the parents:

  • child care providers have:
    • Certification in Emergency First Aid/CPR
    • Child Abuse Registry Check (for those 13 yrs and over in the household)
    • criminal Record Check ( for those 18 yrs of age and over in the household)
  • child care providers are supported and monitored by their agency through monthly home visits and annual inspections
  • adult to child ratios are followed
  • families may qualify for provincially subsidized seats (see http://www.gov.ns.ca/coms/families/childcare/ChildCareSubsidy.html for application)
    assurance of an approved home under a licensed agency

  • child care providers meet the requirements in accordance with the Nova Scotia Day Care Act and Regulations ( see http://www.gov.ns.ca/just/regulations/regs/dayregs.htm for regulations )
  • the Family Home Day Care their child attends is screened and monitored
  • child care providers are trained in child development, safety, nutrition and behaviour guidance

Benefits for the child care providers:

  • access support setting up your home for child care and also on an on-going basis. ( see http://www.gov.ns.ca/coms/families/provider/index.html for information)
  • access to your agency`s lending library
  • monthly playgroups provided by your agency
  • monthly home visits by your agency consultant
    free training opportunities that relate to your work with the children in your care
    social networking opportunities with other child care providers

  • support with advertising
  • support matching with families.
  • agency consultants that are qualified and experienced Early Childhood Educators and are able to:
    • assist child care providers in all aspects of their program at no charge to the child care providers or their families.
    • assist with the approval process, screen child care providers and their homes
    • provide training and training opportunities
    • support child care providers in developing and implementing programs within the home.
    • assist and process subsidy claims and payments directly to child care providers for eligible families