About Family Home Day Cares

Family Home Day Care Agencies are a service brought to parents and their families by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Agencies are licensed and monitored by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and follow the provincially mandated Day Care Act and Regulations of Nova Scotia. Agencies are then able to approve child care providers and family homes under each Agencies license. This has helped to establish a standard and quality of care within Family Home Day Care Programs that is consistent within the province of Nova Scotia.

Although each Agency, like each care provider, is individual and does offer some variance, the consistency in the quality of care and the regulations placed upon them is the same. Each Agency is responsible for assuring the safety of the children and the environment in the homes approved under their license. Agency consultants monitor the homes approved with their Agency to assure they are safe, developmentally appropriate and meet the requirements in accordance with the Nova Scotia Day Care Act and Regulations (visit www.gc.ca to view these regulations).

Family Homes that are approved are also able to accept government funded subsidized seats to assist with the cost of their child’s child care expense. (More information on subsidy applications and eligibility requirements may be found at www.gc.ca)

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